Marketing Achievements

We`ve managed and ran campaigns and promotions for more than 500 companies in a wide variety of industries.

(For more concrete examples from your industry with company names and actual numbers, please contact us. We don`t publicize partners on our page for privacy reasons.)

Our Marketing Achievements(By Industry)

Our Clients` 3 Biggest (Former) Problems:

They aren`t satisfied with the service of the agency that manages their campaigns.
They get sent hard-to-understand numbers reports on a daily basis, but the agency doesn`t suggest future measures, and it`s hard to see improvements from month to month.
They`re not very familiar with the internet or digital marketing, and don`t know exactly what to do.

These are most common problems we hear when meeting with new/prospective clients.

At Goto Brand we have a track record of successful campaigns for a wide variety of clients. So not only do we understand common problems, we can also help clients that target niche markets, or clients with no pre-existing data overcome their unique challenges.

Finally, if you are worried because your agency has simply stopped suggesting strategies, you can rest assured you won`t face the same problem with Goto Brand. Instead of settling at a plateau, we work to resolve problems from various angles and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Creative Works

  • Using our knowledge and expertise in digital marketing as the foundation, we design and develop: Landing Pages・Satellite Sites (Content Marketing) E-Commerce Sites・Banners
  • For branding purposes, we also design and develop: Corporate sites, videos and editorial sites.

Below you`ll find a few examples of our previous creative works:

Landing Pages - E-Commerce Sites

Magical Co., Ltd.

|Landing Page|Live Site

Improved conversion rates by creating a landing page optimized for customer acquisition.

Because of a product renewal, we got a request from an E-Commerce company that sells various products on their website.
Because the product targets women, our female creative directors managed the design, and as a result we were able to drastically increase the conversion rate.

Plumbers Co., Ltd.

|Landing Page|Live Site

From SEM campaign management, to landing page creation.

After we took over the management of their SEM campaigns, their sales increased significantly. In order to further improve their results, they asked us to create new landing pages for them.
By targeting multiple regions, and localizing each landing page to one, the results in the targeted regions improved even more, and they feel well prepared for the upcoming busy season.


|Landing Page|Live Site

From E-commerce Site, To Promotions

We used EC Cube to create an EC site to sell goods from a popular game. After site launch, we used SEM, Display Networks, Twitter and other platforms to drive visitors/sales to the site.

This is an example of what we can do as a truly one-stop-shop for your digital marketing needs.


|Landing Page|Live Site

From to landing page creation, to SEM campaign management.

From banner, landing page creation, to online paid advertisement, we assisted a construction-focused recruiting and staffing agency with their online promotions from start to finish.
Since it was the first time the company tried their hand at digital marketing, we had to create a landing page and everything else from scratch. When we started our SEM campaign, we were almost surprised by the great conversion rates , and ended up quickly filling a number of positions.

Emitasu CO., LTD.

|Landing Page|Live Site

From to landing page creation, to SEM campaign management.

They had left the management of their SEM campaign to another company, but they were very unsatisfied with the results. They did have a landing page, but it came off as cheap, and it didn`t communicate effectively to women at all.

We started off with the landing page, and renewed the creative communications. After the site was finished, we started the SEM campaign, but there were way more phone inquiries than the company had expected! They ended up asking us to help them with the measurement and analysis of their phone conversions.

Aloe House Co., ltd.

|Landing Page|Live Site

From creating a landing page, all the way to managing their EC website, we`ve helped them in a wide variety of areas.

Their business strategy and customer acquisition process used to be very focused on their local area, by posting advertisements in local publications. But in order to reach potential throughout Japan, they decided to put more of an effort into their online presence and marketing efforts. The CEO is very passionate about transforming his company from analog to digital.
To facilitate that, we created a landing page for their campaign, managed their SEM ad campaign, and even handled their EC site renewal. We worked together closely, and our entire team put in a lot of man-hours to make sure that we reached our goals and maximized the KPI.

Noto Foods Co., Ltd.

|Landing Page|Live Site

Online Marketing Support From Start to Finish!

A seaweed focused ecommerce business was having trouble with onboarding new customers. Because they believe strongly in their product, they felt that customers would become regulars if only they tasted the product, so we created a landing page for a trial set.

First we started by discussing the direction to take the design, who exactly the target was and designed the flow and funnel from visit to sale.

After finishing the landing page, we also set up and manage their online advertising campaigns. Reporting detailed data from clicks, to sale and ROAS. It’s been a long road, but through daily reporting of progress and complete transparency, we’ve gained their trust for the long haul.

RTH Co., Ltd.

|Landing Page|Live Site

From Digital Strategy to Landing Page Creation, to Campaign Management.

We were approached by a company that owns and manages speed reading classrooms all around the country. Until recently, they had been onboarding customers through reviews, and in other unsustainable ways, but they were starting to feel their limits, so the CEO approached us and asked for our help creating a more scalable marketing digital marketing campaign.

We sat down with the client and over multiple sessions figured out exactly how/where they should establish their presence and start their online marketing activities.

We decided to start out creating a landing page targeting parents with children, offering a class that parents can try together with their child. Then we used that landing page and started a laser-targeted SEM/PPC campaign.

The landing page and banners we created were very effective, and the campaign is steadily getting conversions.. From here on out we plan to analyze the results of the campaign, and use the data to optimize the landing page, keywords, and ads going forward.

MJC Dance Company

|Landing Page|Live Site

From Landing Page Creation to Campaign Management

The staff at MJC were managing their own social media, as well as regularly updating their website, they were having trouble bringing in new clients. They didn`t know where to go from there to improve their results.
In order to get more students for their kids classes, we decided to create a landing page targeted towards mothers with young children.

Then we launched a search engine marketing campaign targeting relevant keywords.

Here at Goto Brand, marketing tailored to mothers is one of our strengths, with a female-led team to create landing pages, or design marketing campaigns, we can assist you all the way from ideation to execution.

Kudo Kensetsu Co., Ltd

|Landing Page|Live Site

Landing Page Creation – Site Optimization – Campaign Management

A construction company that specializes in houses with cellars/basements contacted us because they couldn’t get any real results from their search engine marketing.

We suggested a long list of site improvements along with our digital strategy proposal, and they ended up hiring us to create landing pages corresponding with sales events, and promote the events using PPC to begin with.

At the moment, we are managing the campaign and keeping the client up to speed, while using the data from our marketing campaign to slowly improve their website going forward.


Corporate Sites

San-Ei Printing Co. LTD.

|HTML|Live Site

We created an animated corporate site for a film distribution company.

We created an animated corporate site for the child company of a film distribution company as part of a site makeover Because it`s a company that mainly works with films, we created a site that gives you the feeling of being in a cinema.

After you click the screen, the curtains will reveal a movie screen, and a video will automatically play. The site is made in a one-page vertical layout so, when you scroll down, you`ll see the different sections of content. Instead of pages, the different sections of content are separated by using design and white space.

We were able to keep costs down because we limited the amount of needless pages and content.

Zaikenichiren`s Jofukai

Live Site Satellite Site

We redesigned the main page, and created a satellite site from scratch.

We redesigned the main page, and created a satellite site from scratch.
Because the average age of a typical user was expected to be quite high, we had a big focus on simplicity and ease of use, and added an option to easily adjust the font size.

To make it easier for the client to keep the site`s contents up to date, as well as publish content as part of their digital marketing strategy, we made the site using WordPress.

And of course the site is responsive, and looks equally good on smartphones and tablets as it does on computer screens.

K2 Inc.

|Responsive design|
Live Site

Created Site From Scratch

The CEO contacted us because he had recently established a new company, and wanted to create a website that represents it correctly. He was very specific in his image and expectations of the site, so we worked together to create a website that clearly communicates the strong suits of his company.

Our UI/UX designers created the site with a focus on ease of use, for example having the inquiry form showing up in an on-page pop-up instead of loading an entirely new page, and streamlining other parts of the user experience as well.

Through cooperating closely all the way from planning to production, we were able to create exactly the site he envisioned, so he was very satisfied with the end product.

Aloe House Co., Ltd.

|Responsive design|
Live Site

Website Redesign

We were first approached to only create a landing page, but because of the poor usability of their main site, they hired us to redesign their it as well. We cooperated closely with the CEO to develop better branding, suggested content and pages to expand the site, and created a UX focused site that is a lot easier on the eye and the user.

The old design was unresponsive, and lacked structure and purpose, which made it difficult to use for mobile users and computer users alike. After the redesign, the site is now responsive with a mobile first design that makes it easy to use on all devices.

The CEO was so satisfied with our work that he decided to hire us for ongoing redesigns in the medium-long term.

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