Digital Marketing

While paid search(SEM) remains the biggest weapon in Goto Brand`s arsenal, it`s definitely not our only one. We are familiar with every aspect of digital marketing, and have the following tools at our disposal:

Goto Brand`s Tools of the Trade


Are you currently using another agency to manage your paid search and display ad campaigns, but not seeing the results you want?

The services below may be just what you are looking for:

01 SEM Campaign Management Consulting

The first consulting fee is completely free. / The management fee is only 20% of your SEM budget.

※All contracts are 3 months minimum./Advertising fees are required to be paid in advance.

02 Second opinion

The first term`s consulting fee is completely free. / The handling fee is only 5% of your SEM budget.

Without cancelling your contract with your current agency, we analyze and evaluate their performance as an unbiased third party.

※All contracts are 3 months minimum.

Recommended for you if..

  • You have already hired an agency to manage your campaigns, but you`d like someone to take a look.
  • You`re worried whether your current agency is doing things correctly, and want an unbiased third party to evaluate your campaigns.
  • Your current agency never makes any strategy adjustments or proposals, and you can`t help but feel there`s something that can be improved.

03 SEM Campaign Improvement Report

Flat fee for each report:100 000 Yen

Consulting as a third party, separate from the agency currently in charge of your campaigns.

※All contracts are 3 months minimum.

Recommended for you if...

  • You are currently running your campaigns in-house, but your campaigns have stagnated.
  • You are currently managing your campaigns in-house, but don`t want hands-on management, just advice and strategy.

The Flow of SEM Campaign Management

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