Business Matching

Business Matching

【Made-to-order Matching With Your Ideal Business Partner】

Our brand of business matching is not done by setting up a number of near-meaningless networking events. Instead, we set up one-on-one meetings with each company, and only if we can see clear merits for both sides.

That`s the essence of our made-to-order business matching.

Our business matching leads to explosive results. It`s a Win Win Win situation for everyone involved.


*Because we only make meaningful, made-to-order introductions, if we don`t think your services/circumstances are a good match with any companies in our network, we may decline your request.


Physical Promotion

【Setting Up A Booth At Exhibitions/Trade Shows】

Because we work with a wide variety of companies, and help promote a lotof different events and trade shows, we get unique insights on upcoming events much faster than the general public. As a result of this, we are perfectly positioned to suggest different expos, trade shows and other events to our clients.

By first grasping the contents and purpose of the event, and the target customers of our clients, we are able to coordinate and optimize the exhibition experience for everyone involved.

By mixing WEB x PHYSICAL, we don`t just offer support on the day of the event, we can also help with the post-event promotion.

For Example

  • By releasing real-time social media updates and ads, we spread the word as far as possible.
  • After the event, we post a report to social media, and use the contents for future promotions.
  • Because the traffic to your site will increase as a result of the event, we can also help optimize your website, or even develop a new page/banners from scratch.

It`s not our style to just do one event and clap our hands like “that`s it”.

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