Inbound & Outbound 

At the Inbound/Outbound team here at Goto Brand, help Japanese Businesses with international customer acquisition, and international companies with Japanese customer acquisition.

We use our digital marketing expertise, our knowledge of the Japanese market, connections and language abilities to help bridge the gap between Japan and the world.


Run a business in Japan, and want more international customers?

Want to expand to Japan, or target Japanese travelers, but don`t know how to market to the Japanese audience?

Inbound Services

Here at Goto Brand, we have a specialized inbound team centered around our foreign and globalized Japanese staff members. Through close co-operation with our experienced creative and marketing teams, we create and manage marketing campaigns that bridge the gap between Japan and the world.

  • “We target inbound consumers but we`ve been unable to create campaigns that matches their mentality.”
  • “We want to ride the wave and promote ourselves internationally in this global age.”
  • “We want a multilingual website that appeals to foreign consumers.”

We help clients solve the above, or other, inbound related problems.

“Tokyo Focus Groups”

We Manage “Tokyo Focus Groups”, a Focus Group and Product Testing Platform for Expats and Inbound Consumers

We gather fitting focus group members and collect, analyze and report the data necessary for a successful inbound campaign.
But we don’t stop there. Based on that data, we can also help strategize future marketing campaigns or product development.


As a One-Stop-Agency, we do a lot more than just inbound focus groups and market research. We also manage SEM, display ad and affiliate campaigns that target inbound consumers. Plus, we create multilingual websites, landing pages and banners that appeal to foreign audiences.

Outbound Services

We assist a range of international companies with their marketing campaigns, branding and customer acquisition in the Japanese market.

We offer different services for companies at different stages in their expansion into Japan.

From helping clueless companies whose employees have never put a foot in Japan, much less established a Japanese store or office, to international companies that are already established but not seeing the results they want.

Market Testing (Demand/Product Validation Service)

Haven`t tackled the Japanese market yet?
Want to validate that there is a demand for your service/products in the Japanese market with minimal risk? 

We have 15 years combined experience marketing to, and dealing with Japanese consumers in a variety of industries.

We know how to strategize everything from branding promotions, SEM, or social media campaigns, to limited time campaigns for tour companies/fashion brands. We only use channels that generate fast/concrete results, like online promotions through SEM, DN, social media campaigns or even event marketing. 

Sell Services On Site In Your Country? (Tours, Hotels, Transportation, etc.) 

We already work with tour companies helping them communicate correctly to the Japanese market, and find Japanese people willing to pay to go abroad.

Sell physical products? Worried about shipping? 

If you sell something physical, we will do a pre-order-only campaign to confirm that there is demand for your product, before you only ship enough and we fulfill your orders after passing an agreed-upon threshold.


  • No hassle. You don`t need to negotiate with shipping companies, distributors, tour companies or individual stores.
  • Very low risk. You don`t need to rent a building, hire staff, and set up a store/office before even knowing if it`s viable for your business to expand into Japan.
  • Low cost. Since we`re avoiding traditional media (notoriously expensive in Japan because of gate-keeping Japanese giants) we`re able to keep marketing costs way down.
  • Fast-moving campaigns/results/feedback. Because of our experience with the Japanese market, local connections, and our focus on digital marketing, you get useful feedback on a daily basis.
  • Concrete analytics, and ongoing campaign optimization – We use state of the art analytical tools to identify where our clients get the best value for their money. Then we stop/scale down anything that doesn`t perform well.
  • Nothing gets lost in translation. – You only correspond with our bilingual consultants/planners, who are directly in charge of your account. Here at Goto brand, we don`t go with the “bilingual” assistant trying to communicate between multiple parties approach.


We help you get established in the 3rd biggest economy in the world, without the hassle, without the risk.


Services Included:

  • Japanese Translation of Website
  • Creation of Landing Pages, Banners in Japanese (made from scratch with the Japanese consumer in mind.)
  • Implementation of CDN (Content Delivery Network) for pages to load faster abroad.
  • Creation of Marketing, Business Strategy From Scratch
  • Online Marketing Campaign
  • (If Suitable) Arranging Events For Branding/Pr Purposes


Not only does our inbound/outbound team help a variety of international and Japanese companies, our main team has been helping Japanese companies with customer acquisition for more than 15 years.

If you`re interested in expanding to the Japanese market, don`t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

(If you`re already expanding into Japan, but not seeing results, you might be interested in our other services below.)

One-Stop Digital Marketing Services for Japanese Market

Trying to get Japanese customers online, but not succeeding?

Tired of outsourcing translation, campaign management, design/development all to different companies? 
We offer a one-stop Japanese digital marketing service that helps our clients reap the fruits of the Japanese market, without the headaches, cultural barriers, and lost in translation moments you experience with most Japanese agencies.

Why go with us?


  • Everything In One Place.
  • Team Filled with Japanese Marketing Experts On-Site In Japan
  • 15 Years Experience in the Japanese Market
  • Trusted by Major National and International Companies With Their Campaigns
  • Communicate With Bilingual Consultants/Planners (No Extra Link)


And there`s a lot more that we can`t fit into a bullet-list.

If you want to work with an expert in the field who has been there, done that, on-site in Japan for the last 15 years, get in touch and arrange a free consultation with us.


Some things we do for our clients:

  • Japanese Website Translation
  • Japanese Banners and Landing Pages that get Japanese visitors and convert them into Japanese customers
  • Japanese SEM/DN Campaign Management
  • Japanese Social Media/Content marketing
  • Unique Insights On The Japanese Consumer
  • Ongoing Tracking, Analytics and Optimization
  • Sales Funnel, Business Model Consultation


Goto Brand has helped Japanese businesses succeed in the Japanese market for more than 15 years, and now we want to help international companies do the same.

Let`s start from a free consultation about your Japanese marketing efforts.

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