Creative work for the net, or design/development is not always cut from the same cloth. There are big differences between creative projects for branding purposes and creative projects tailor made for specific promotions.

At Goto Brand we like to think of our creative works as the platter that serves the food.
Even if the food is delicious, if the plate and presentation is completely horrible, you won`t be able to enjoy the dish to it`s fullest potential. Things work the same way in the world of digital marketing.

Conversely, if the plate and presentation is magnificent, but the food itself isn`t delicious, you`re left only with disappointment.

Even if you are confident in the reach of your advertising efforts, if your creative advertising materials are bad, you can`t make the most of your advertising dollars.

On the other hand, if your website, landing page and banners are all high quality, but you`ve missed the mark with your campaign, strategy or goals, again you can`t maximize the effect of your budget. With Goto Brand, you get creative services that are grounded in our understanding of the principles of digital marketing, your target market and your goals. When we create a site, we start by, in detail, asking about your goals, your sales funnel, what you want to achieve specifically with different parts of your site, before creating the ideal plan for your website.

Goto Brand`s Creative Services

Regardless of whether it`s a website, EC site or banner, for what purpose, how exactly it will be used by end users depends from client to client. We only suggest designs and creative projects that are suitable for each individual client.

When you order creative services as part of a promotion or campaign managed by us, the creative fee becomes considerably cheaper than a stand-alone creative project.

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