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CEO`s New Book: “The Farce Called Web Marketing” (Only Available in Japanese)


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An exposé on the rotten, corrupt backside of the digital marketing world, published by Gentosha!

Harunobu Goto started his career doing SEM behind the scenes for Internet Marketing Agencies, SEO Companies and Web Development Companies.
Now as CEO of Goto Brand, with more than 10 years of experience across all fields of digital marketing, he lays it all on the table! 

With the publishing of this book, Harunobu is prepared to turn the entire industry into enemies, as he sets out to show the realities of the industry.
This book was written in order to change the rotten world of digital marketing, while also highlighting it`s true benefits. 

Many members of the industry will undeniably fret and think : “I can`t believe he`s writing this!” when they read the book.

The Author`s Qualifications


Harunobu Goto

After graduating from the international politics and economy faculty of Aoyama University, he joined Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Where he managed the creating of marketing materials for Dentsu, Dentsu Tech and other big companies.
Then he joined the major digital marketing agency; Septeni Co., Ltd.

as an SEM consultant. There, he managed SEM campaigns for a number of major Japanese corporations.

After that, he participated in the launch of a web marketing company as a member of the board of directors.

While working as a contractor, or sub-contractor, he increasingly began to question the dubious reputation and nature of the industry, and decided to establish Goto Brand Inc. in 2014.

Currently, he is helping a number of small-to-medium sized companies to improve their customer acquisition, with completely honest and candid business practices.

The CEO of Goto Brand Inc.


Chapter 1 The Deception of Web Marketing With No Results
Chapter 2 Advertising agencies, SEO Companies, Creative Agencies, Constuling firms….
Amateur profiteers that are only looking for a piece of the market!
Chapter 3 The problem doesn`t only lie with service providers.
Clients that leave everything up to web marketers are sitting ducks!
Chapter 4 If a company can`t produce results within 3 months, end the contract!
The basic knowledge required to judge the cost efficiency of your web marketing.
Chapter 5 Even if you`re not familiar with the web, you can distinguish the good from the bad!
The telltale signs that give away the work of amateur online marketers.
Chapter 6 Don‘t celebrate too early!
The goals of web marketing is not to increase inquiries, but sales.

Publication Campaign!

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