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【Web Marketing Seminar!】


Harunobu Goto, our founder and CEO held a seminar about web marketing for orthodontic specialist clinics.

The seminar came about because Dr. Ikemori of the Japanese clinical orthodontic dental committee got a hold of our CEO`s book, “The Farce called Web Marketing” and called us to request a seminar.

The dental/orthodontic industry is also looking to become more familiar with the world of digital, which is why they are arranging seminars like this.

During the seminar, we received a lot of questions. From whether or not their current PR/Marketing methods are mistaken, whether they should review their marketing budget, practical methods to improve results from marketing efforts, etc.

Once again we were able to confirm how important the web is in a balanced marketing/pr plan for companies in all kinds of industries.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the seminar.
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