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【We Arranged Our First Tokyo Focus Groups Meet Up】


We arranged our very first Tokyo Focus Groups meet up. The event that was held on the 21st April, right before Golden week, and we had participants from a variety of different countries: France, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Venezuela, Brazil, and more.

The location for the event was “Akasaka Sobie Bekkan Tonari”, a Japanese fusion restaurant and Izakaya in Akasaka.

The atmosphere had a very at-home feel about it, and we were able to get to know each other while eating delicious food.

Their house speciality; Tsukune(Charcoal grilled homemade chicken meatballs) was the showstopper. The succulent, juicy, yet crunchy texture, mixed with the smoky fragrance from being slowly grilled over charcoal made it impossible to resist. If you`re in Akasaka, you should definitely give it a try!

Some of our members were impressed enough to leave reviews on TripAdvisor.

We were also lucky enough to have Okubo-san from the Ogasawara-mura Tourist Office hold a presentation.

First he held a presentation about what makes the Ogasawara(Bounin) Islands so special, before showing a video that left everyone wanting to visit Ogasawara instantly(including me).

After the presentation was over, the TFG members started a discussion and offered different opinions regarding Ogasawara, and the only way to get there(boat for 25 hours).

The members from the Ogasawaramura Tourist Office even brought some Rum for everyone to try. It was a strong-bodied rum completely different from the cheap stuff you find in the shelves of convenience stores.

You should definitely try it if you have the opportunity.

Thanks for holding such a wonderful presentation at our event, Okubo-san!

Finally, after the event, we issued a survey to the participants. The questions ranged from why they joined the event, feedback from the event, but also questions about inconveniences they feel living in Japan as expats.

We were lucky enough to receive a wide variety of feedback from many participants.

We plan to use the feedback and opinions from our TFG members to have a big impact on the inbound industry in Japan!

We are already looking forward to the second event.

We are currently looking for companies to participate in the event, so if you are interested please contact us!

(If you are an expat living in Japan, and interested in participating in the event, you can check out our next Tokyo Focus Groups as well!)
We gathered in various countries!

I hope we can be a bridge with other countries!
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