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"Tokyo Focus Groups" Official Site Launch!!


It`s finally time for the official launch of our project, "Tokyo Focus Groups".


The site is designed to gather foreigners visiting or living in Japan. Through the site, we are doing things like, gathering groups of inbound influencers, and arranging product tests/focus groups to gather useful data for companies targeting inbound consumers.

With the Tokyo Olympics just 2 short years away, inbound business is expected to boom across every sector.
If you want any help relating to inbound consumer marketing, please get in touch. Because we`ve brought on international staff members, we can create English websites or marketing materials, written in native English by someone who actually understands the target market.

When Japanese staff write content in English, the final result is usually littered with mistakes, and sometimes the message itself gets completely distorted. Why not ask us for a quick review?

Of course, we can help manage your overseas digital marketing campaigns as well.
We use a wide variety of strategies to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world for our clients, Feel free to contact us with any concerns you have about marketing to inbound consumers.
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