Let`s keep growing together!

Health Food Goods Manufacturer Company R  
Representative Director T.K

Goto Brand has managed my advertising campaigns for almost 7 years, and the thing I`m most grateful for is that they always keep analyzing and suggesting strategies going forward. Working together with members of the staff, repeating small experiments of trial and failure, I`ve received very detailed service and followup. They don`t only focus on SEM but also suggest strategies for YDN, GDN, etc. In an age where devices and mediums are constantly changing, they`re always up to speed, or even ahead of the times, and it shows in the strategies they propose.

Not only do I plan to keep on using Goto Brand`s services, I want to keep growing together.

They really put themselves in the shoes of their clients.

Beauty Product Manufacturer Company S  
Representative Director N.S

In the world of E-commerce where there are countless different advertising techniques depending on platform, browser and device, I am grateful to work with a company that doesn`t shy away from new challenges. Not only do they always dare to try new things, they use their experience to only advance the promotions that work, and even helped us optimize the sales funnel and entire customer acquisition process.
Let`s keep working together as one.

They Don`t Stop At Campaign Management

Luxury Furniture Outlet Company S  
Senior Managing Director S

Goto Brand doesn`t just set out to help clients achieve their most important goals. They actually carefully listen, consider, care and think of the goal as their very own. It almost feels like we are working with an in-house marketing team. They always work closely together with us, and attack each new problem from multiple angles, dedicating themselves to continuous improvement and reaching new bests each month. They don`t feel satisfied only helping us with our advertising campaigns, they also offer advice and support way beyond that.

Also, they are always quick to respond to concerns, inquiries and requests, which is a huge benefit for any company, and has often helped me out in a pinch. I feel lucky to have ended up working with Goto Brand.

They Actively Change Their Campaigns Based on Our Priorities

Luxury Real Estate Company C  
Marketing Manager T

From the very first time we spoke on the phone, I had the impression that Goto Brand would be a great company to work with. Instead of trying to push me to use their services, they asked a lot of detailed questions about our company, completely understood my answers and then offered their honest feedback.
What I`ve learned from actually working with them, is that they are a truly quick thinking, fast working company. For each time we talk, they always have some new strategy or channel to suggest, and they always maintain our campaigns in a way that works with our priorities. I feel that the experience of collaborating closely, and together using our experience and ideas to reach our goals, has lead to my growth as a marketing manager as well.