Management Philosophy


This motto is the foundation for our 10 point management philosophy.

Always aim for 120% Customer Satisfaction.
Regardless of the situation, remain aggressive in strategy and proposals.
Do things quickly, but always correctly.
Always make proposals that consider the client`s three next steps.
Maintain a strong sense for identifying the ""blue ocean"".
Doing over thinking.
Don`t be bound to ""common sense"", always be flexible in your thoughts and ideas.
We create the work, it is not given to us.
Don`t be bound to “common sense”, always be flexible in your thoughts and ideas.
There is nothing that can`t be done. Always keep going to the end without making excuses.

GB`s 3 Pillars

Do any of these problems sound familiar?


Message From CEO 

For a long time I`ve been involved with all aspects of digital marketing. I`ve worked with every kind of company around, from digital marketing agencies, SEO to web development companies.

With the goal of fixing this troubled industry, I established Goto Brand in September, 2014.

In recent years, many companies without know-how, analytical or consulting skills leave everything to sub-contractors and only hang around for the money. These actions negatively impact the industry as a whole. 

"Something seems fishy - The sales team is overly persistent – Follow-up after signing a contract is non-existent." 

These are just a few of the common complaints by clients who deal with other digital marketing agencies. In order to change this negative image of the industry, we cooperate intimately with our clients and prioritize client trust and success in everything we do.

Unlike most of our competitors that just focus on one area, our company is a hybrid company. We combine the forces of management consulting, digital marketing and creative services. We are not a consulting company that only offers advice and no data or follow-up, nor an agency that only places ads and leaves them, nor an SEO company that simply strives to increase search results, nor a web development company that only tries to make sites that ''look good‘’.

We are a one-stop agency that starts from understanding our client`s business, before creating a marketing plan, set it into action across multiple platforms and finally even offering the creative services needed for each promotion.

Even with a solid strategy as the foundation, it`s impossible to separate each part of a promotional plan and assign them to different companies without a few misunderstandings and miscommunications popping up along the way.

On the other hand, if you leave it to us, we guarantee that you`ll have none of these headaches, only a successful campaign and the fruits that come along with it.

There`s a lot more to be said, but to keep things short and simple, our motto is to only profit if our clients are profiting. We are proud to be a company that stands out from most of the industry.

Please continue to rely on Goto Brand for your digital marketing needs in the future.

CEO Harunobu Goto

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Company Overview

Company Name GOTO BRAND Inc.
Founded September 2014
CEO Harunobu Goto
Address ASO Building 3F, 4-8-20 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, 107-0052, Japan
Phone +81-3-5413-6033
FAX +81-3-5413-6034
Capital 3,000,000Yen

Management Consulting
Digital Marketing
Creative Services
Luxury Marketing
Mommy Marketing
Owned Media
Business Matching
Inbound & Outbound

Company Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitubishi UFJ Bank
Johnan Shinkin Bank.


Our office is just a 4 minute walk from the Ginza Line - Marunouchi Line - Akasakamitsuke Station.
Or an 8 minute walk from the Chiyoda Line - Akasaka Station.

Corporate Identity

The feelings behind our company name:

We were inspired by ‘marumaru’ stores, like small neighborhood rice or tobacco stores. We wanted to show our desire to remain very close and relatable to our customers. We also aim to infuse all our employees with the CEO`s knowledge, experience and abilities, to create a uniquely skilled team where branding will happen naturally, hence the ‘Brand’ and not ‘marketing’ or ‘consulting’.


The 'G' in the logo doesn`t just stand for the 'G' in Goto, but also to the 'G' in the word 'Give'.

This refers to our company motto, “Be a Giver, not a taker!" 

Only people who are able to contribute a lot of value to clients are included as members of the Goto Brand team.